Fictional Malpractice, or How NOT to Write that Medical Scene

The camera zooms in on a man lying on a hospital stretcher in the emergency department, thin plastic tubing stretched under his nose. As the concerned family and friends gathered around the bedside sob, the perspective shifts to a close-up of…

Which Dead Poet Are You?

  Take the quiz and find out which famous poet best matches your personality! When you're done, make sure to click on page 2 below to learn more about these incredible writers from the past.   Fun Dead Poet Facts   A…

Winter is Coming…And It’s Going to be Awesome!

Winter is coming...and so is K. J. Harrowick's Winterviews Blog Hop! Starting on December 21st, she'll be posting interviews with artists and writers, including yours truly. Thirteen weeks of winter, and thirteen great interviews.…

What Type of Jinn Are You?

Welcome to the #Scrivathon Blog Hop! For my contribution, I've created a personality quiz that tells you which creature of Middle Eastern mythology you most resemble. If you can't wait, scroll to the bottom of the post and click away! #Scrivathon…


                    For those who haven't heard, National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, is fast approaching. From midnight November 1st to midnight November…

Some Moroccan Soul–OUM’s ‘Jini’

Acoustic soul from Morocco...enjoy!
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The Tarot Garden of Tuscany

  The Tarot Garden, or Il Giardino dei Tarocchi, wasn't my first choice for a tourist stop during my recent trip to the Italian countryside. Or my second, or my third. My most recent vacation had been planned as a restful stay…

Pitchwars 2016!

    I'm entering Brenda Drake's Pitchwars Twitter contest, so here's a reprise of my author bio. Follow me on Twitter (@Aphemia66) or find the website's enchanted genie lamp and touch it (if you dare). While you're busy…

Breasts of the Virgin and Saint Agatha’s Nipples

Racy title, right? Believe it or not, this post is actually about cookies. Delicious, crunchy goodies that have been around since the Middle Ages. I have to admit, the naughty names caught my eye first, but after I read about the great backstory…

Iranian Horror Movie Plays at Sundance

Under the Shadow Sounds super spooky. Who wants to see it with me?

The Story of Tea

Great article on the traditional use of tea to welcome guests in Morocco.

Tales of the Jinn

A nice summary of Jinn lore and legend.