The Cover for Summoned is Out!

I’m beyond excited to reveal the cover to my debut novel, FROM SMOKELESS FIRE: SUMMONED!

The idea behind SUMMONED, and my main character Zahara, started with my fascination with the villain-as-hero trope. Let’s face it, villains steal the show many times because they do and say the outrageous things we all want to say and do—but can’t.

So who is Zahara? She’s a demonic jinn with the best of evil pedigrees, but she’s better at tasting desserts than dishing out revenge, and most days she’d rather go shopping than go haunting. Rather than skulking around in graveyards looking for unwary human prey, she prefers the nightlife and fashion of the human world–from Dubai to Beirut, and Paris to New York.

But Zahara has family issues—hey, who doesn’t?—and she decides to impress her mother by tricking a modern-day sorcerer into giving up his soul in return for:







Summoned comes out on September 24th everywhere! Click on these links to pre-order a copy. After that, sign up to receive free book swag here.