Off to Marrakech…

No, seriously, I’m doing research!

So today marks the first day of my vacation, I mean my fact-finding trip to Morocco. I’m hoping to learn more about traditional beliefs about the Jinn and incorporate them into my novel. I didn’t need to look far to find some beautiful renditions of the Hand of Fatima to ward off the evil eye. Above is a lovely embroidered hand on the riad’s pillow. Tomorrow we’re heading into the twisting alleyways of the souk to look for more examples of the famous hamsa symbol, and perhaps pick up a magic potion or two. Meanwhile, the weather and the sights in the salmon-pink city of Marrakech are gorgeous:

Above, roof top view of pigeons guarding the castle-like walls of the beautiful hotel we’re staying in. The riad has been renovated with works from local artists and originates from a collection of four buildings first built close to 500 years ago.