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Off to Marrakech…

No, seriously, I’m doing research! So today marks the first day of my vacation, I mean my fact-finding trip to Morocco. I’m hoping to learn more about traditional beliefs about the Jinn and incorporate them into my novel. I didn’t need to look far to find some beautiful renditions of the Hand of Fatima to ward […]

The Hand of Fatima

Now that you’re tossing and turning at night, worrying about the Evil Eye, you’re probably eager to hear about ways to protect yourself from it. In Italy, you might ward off Il Malocchio with the mano cornuto or sign of the horns : The gesture also became a popular salute in heavy metal, and gained Satanic associations. In Middle […]

The Mountains of Qaf: A Travel Guide

Described variously as a single Mount Qaf that serves as the progenitor of all mountains, or as a ring of soaring mountains that encircle the world, the mountains of Qaf, or Jabal al Qaf in Arabic, are often described as the home of the Jinn. The mountains may have a giant emerald at the summit, […]


The winged symbol of the Faravahar, a national symbol of Iran, is a winged disk associated with Zoroastrianism, the state religion of ancient Iran. Faravahar at Persepolis The components of the symbol are linked to Zoroastrian theology, with a man stretching his hand to heaven to symbolize wisdom, a ring for faithfulness, wings to give […]