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Book One of the Mountains of Qaf trilogy, ARXIS, INC., is completed. I’m currently seeking literary agent representation.

When a mythology professor joins a shadowy military contractor to find her missing brother, she discovers that the monsters of Middle Eastern myth are real—and her only chance to get him back.

Carolyn Ellsburg has made two big mistakes, and she’s about to make a third.

The first was falling for an ex-Navy Seal who was the last man to see her MIA brother alive—and the last man she ever wants to see again. His superiors told him to recruit her into Arxis, a Blackwater-style mercenary firm, by any means necessary, including seduction. He never told her he was under orders when he slept with her. He never told her Arxis’s enemies weren’t human, either.

The second was agreeing to help a Jinn princess on the run from a sexy-as-sin angelic warrior avoid Arxis’s paranormal version of Gitmo. Now she has no choice but to keep her ex-boyfriend close, and her new otherworldly allies closer. She’s not only committed secret treason—she’s used black magic to do it.

There’s only one way to cover up her lies and find her brother: cross over to the Mountains of Qaf—the fabled land of the Jinn—embedded with the Arxis strike force. But the powerful necromancer who abducted her brother is waiting for her there, and joining his dark forces may be more than her third and worst mistake—it might be her last.

“Carolyn, it’s Hassan Khatib.” The Egyptian professor’s rich baritone floated up from the phone. “So sorry to bother you. Is it a good time to talk?”

Carolyn had a Jinn disguised as a cat in her apartment, had put her niece and nephew in the cross-hairs of a demonic curse, and was currently waiting to lie through her teeth to her ex-boyfriend in order to avoid prosecution. Other than that, Hassan’s timing was perfect.


FROM SMOKELESS FIRE is completed and I’m currently seeking representation.

When Zahara, a young and not-so-terrifying Jinn from an ancient and evil family, is summoned by a hapless but well-meaning New Yorker, she finds herself thrust into a battle to save the world from one fallen angel…and save her heart from another.

Zahara has high expectations for any sorcerer brave enough to summon her to do his nefarious bidding, and Daniel Goldstein succeeds in satisfying exactly none of them.

She needs to trick a human into giving up his soul to impress her infamously evil mother. He’s dealing with a recent break-up with his boyfriend and his Jewish grandmother’s ghost. His bubbe has reached out from beyond the grave to tell him to raise a mighty Jinn to stop two fallen angels. The nymphomaniacal, shopping-obsessed Zahara isn’t exactly the otherworldly ally Daniel had in mind. A not-so-evil sorcerer who actually wants to do good wasn’t what Zahara was looking for, either.

Stuck in a magical contract with each other, the two travel to Morocco, where Zahara’s handsome friend Zaid, a Jinn who’s converted to Islam, reluctantly joins their quest. As Daniel and Zaid struggle against paranormal mercenaries, bumbling terrorists and their attraction to one other, Zahara is forced to join forces with the fallen angel’s gorgeous but infuriating brother to stop a plot to throw the human and Jinn worlds into a cataclysmic war.

“There’s a club for genies?” Daniel asked. “Do you guys get together and swap stories of the dumbest wish you’ve ever heard, or something like that?”


Book Two of the Mountains of Qaf trilogy is currently in second draft form.

“Can I look in the mirror again?” Carolyn asked. Sindas bent down and held out the polished brass oval. A wide-eyed fox with a black button nose and gigantic ears stared back at her.  She tilted her head one way, then the other, fascinated with her appearance. “Somehow I assumed if I was transformed into any animal, it would be a cat.”


Book Three of the Mountains of Qaf trilogy is currently in second draft form.

“I needed to buy myself some time to warn you.” Ben’s whiskers quivered in frustration. “Give me time to explain, will you? Turning me into a rat every time you get angry with me is not exactly conducive to a heart-to-heart discussion.”


My 2015 NaNoWriMo project, and my personal twist on the Persephone myth. It’s currently in final drafts.

Kore had only vague recollections of the proper way to introduce oneself to Underworld royalty, roughly defined as higher in rank than number fifty on the Great List. Arthropleura didn’t count, since his low number was due to his advanced age and anyone else’s complete lack of interest in updating endless parchment scrolls. But the only being more terrifying than the woman standing over her was the Beloved Leader himself—Orcus. One protocol misstep, and she would be the chief ingredient in the royal kitchen’s next eyeball stew.

The House of Asclepius

Grey’s Anatomy meets The Magicians in my 2016 NaNoWriMo project, when the first human intern starts on the wards at a prestigious magical medical hospital. Currently in rough draft form.

Sins of the Seven

My 2017 NaNoWriMo project, set in a magical alternative history of the English Regency and the Iranian Qajar dynasty. Currently in rough draft form.