Stories by M. A. Guglielmo


From Smokeless Fire

short story


witch city rift

Remi Gatti, a half-human con man with a psychic ability to manipulate sexual desire, has to steal a wedding present from a newlywed marine biologist—without the scientist’s sea-monster wife eating him first.

The job should be straightforward: board a tourist bus bound for Salem, seduce his mark, and make a clean get away with the gift—a powerful alien artifact Remi’s larcenous family wants for its own nefarious purposes.

But the unconventional married couple was brought together by the Matchmaker, an alien entity that can alter reality to further its matrimonial mission. Remi might not believe in true love, but his powers are useless against it. When the con goes bad, the usually amoral Remi struggles with a moral dilemma—help the couple and incur his family’s wrath, or try to outmatch the Matchmaker and face the consequences of defying love.

Available October 1st